Monday, February 13, 2012

A Thousand Cranes Under a Red Blood Moon

          It was a collective effort to make a thousand cranes.  Adults and children worked together, folding and sewing.  To hang under a red blood moon in the spirit of "Hope for Japan," after the April 2011 tsunami.  The glass mosaic shines forth, with magazine images of destruction and revival cratering the moon.


Excerpt from The Daimon:

January 11, 1998
                He knew things
                                about me
                That words will
                                never tell.
                Huddled within
                                his wings,
                His eyes spoke
                                of Hope
                Transcending pain.
                Although Johann had not been visible to Der Junge as she danced the crane dance in triple time, moving through the stone paths of the labyrinth, she had realized his hawk-like presence.  He had dubbed her, "the boy." She felt a glimmer of faith that Johann would try to take care of her as they embarked on their journey to Russia. 
                “He’d better take good care of Der Junge!”  Elisabeth gave a side-glance, as she read on in her journal.

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