Monday, February 6, 2012

The Offering

The Offering

It presents itself in glory of the moment.
It has no past, no future...
Only sacrifice.

The honor is to be told.

I awoke with visions of a head on a platter.  My dream prompted me to dig out my oil pastels and draw the image of a beheaded St. John the Baptist on the newspaper, next to a rubbing of Mary Magdalene sitting with her healing oils.   
December 2004

Words and images
are my tools
to express
my quest

I need words and images.
But they don't need me.
They can unite
with someone else.

I share words and images
to make connections with the viewer.
But you don't need me either.
You could unite with someone else.

I need you,
for you bear witness.
Together, we mirror our world. 

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