Saturday, January 7, 2012

One Truth

         " I am not ashamed for taking a stand...I am not ashamed for taking a stand...I am not ashamed for taking a stand..."
          It's time to work on this unfinished piece for an upcoming show that documents my inner world,  responding to the outer world.  A true/false take on the news.
          I'm not good at minding my p's and q's when it comes to convention and form for writng, and technique and skill for drawing, but I have finally come to use my words and images to express myself shamelessly.   Thanks for observing my discovery process. 

A note from my college student in '02 after sharing my work at a campus showing:

          One truth to be defended. That is important for all of us.  It allows us to hold our heads high.

An artist statement from January '02:

          I dreamt that my eyelids had taken a fluid form seeping into my eyeballs and the orbs soaked up the molten matter, blinding me with the silencing of fear.  Negotiating with Truth to claim my vision of Breaking the Silence,  I dedicate this show to all those who envision a life without fear:  a fear of hatred or love,  of oppression or freedom,  of joy or sorrow, of death or life, of self or others, or, a fear of God or of no god.  I shape my life as an artist, a writer and a teacher, to be unafraid of sharing my visions.  It is from the world around us, before and after us, that we gather our collective spirit of strength, hope and courage.  As we become soothsayers of truth, we no longer hang our heads as helpless and silent bystanders, instead, we stand as one. 
         As you stand with me, reading my blog, I will share a chronicle of a retrospective body of work, while continuing to search for the truth in telling my story.   


  1. Isn't that what we all want-to be seen and not judged?