Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pray Tell of Things to Come

          As I get ready for my show at Orr St Studios, I look retrospectively at my pieces related to the news.  I am honored to have a corresponding exhibition with the True/False Film Festival when it comes to Columbia, Missouri. 

Gennie Pfannenstiel
Orr St. Studios

Pray Tell of Things to Come

February 12 - March 18 

Reception:  February 29
5:00 - 6:30 p.m.

Seeing Visions:  March 6
7:00 p.m.

          Pray tell, it's an internal perspective--a word, an image--that we hold of our world...true or false.  As we look within, we mirror for ourselves an external reality, shaped by our experiences. By way of illustration:  A neighbor's kind gesture, to offer up his collection of praying hands, gifted to him by many, continues to live out of a cast-off suitcase.   I attempt to unpack a noble truth about suffering, while moving ceramic hands like chess pieces.  The word on the streets:  Revolt.  A mob celebrates.  I see Her being pushed and probed and pulled apart, to be violated by clinging hands.  I look in the mirrors on the sides and the bottom of the suitcase that will not close, and I am greeted by hands, an infinitely peaceful image of salutation.  The word is made flesh. There is hope for Her, for me and for the world.  The multi-media show chronicles a retrospective timeline of the interaction between the inner and outer worlds.  It is for the viewers to reflect and create a collective envisioning of things to come.  Of permeating our outer world with inner truth. 


  1. Gennie... I love what you wrote about your show and feelings about the inner and outer world. I have been working with shrines and inner/outer worlds for a while and I love and appreciate what you are doing. I hope that you will take many pictures of your show, since I am across the ocean and will not be able to come to see it. Big hugs and wishing you a wonderful show! Congrats!!!
    Love, Rebecca

  2. I will do that for you Rebecca! I'll post them on my blog. You can have a virtual tour. Thank you for telling me about your shrines. You are helping me focus my thoughts for my talk at Seeing Visions. I have a series of shrines that go together as one, called, Breaking the Silence in response to school shootings. I could make an overview of shrines looking historically at pieces. I know the Museum of Art and Archaeology has some ancient shrines. It would be inspiring to show shrines made by various artists. Maybe it is worth a request to collect such images. I could show and credit them at my talk. The collective so to speak. I'll have to think about how to collect those words and images through the web. What do you think? Would you be willing to share? Much love and thanks for your inspiration. Gennie