Friday, January 6, 2012

The Mind's Eye

I dug in my bins of writings and drawings to find words and images to share with you as you witness my reflections.  This is a copy of an entry I had made in a roving journal, for another artist in my art club.  She had inspired the following response: 
           The pull toy waits for the initial tug to roll its wheels and bring squeals of magic to young ones with little hands.  It sets on my shelf waiting for that day, of stories to be told of leopards sleeping in trees, and of a grandmother's healing journey.

          Thank you for taking me back to my childhood playground when bells that rang to go inside brought relief.  There were many things that frightened me:  the slide, the teeter totter, the big boys.  I felt safe within a book, turning my pages, feeling at peace within my mind's eye. 
          It was this same mind's eye that I took with me to Kenya.  And it is the same mind's eye that recognized a sacred sight, as our driver put the pedal to the floor of our Land Rover, so that we might catch a glimpse of leopards, before it got too dark.
           Huge cats, so relaxed, draped over the branches, as if they had no muscles.  Immediately, I knew that my trip with my daughter had become a pilgrimage.  I have played with that image often, melting the tension from my weary neck.  It's a tug of war--letting go of childhood fears.

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