Saturday, January 7, 2012


     One of my co-teachers prompted this entry.  She was my student when I had taught at a small liberal arts college.
     "My favorite memories are of you reading your writing to us!" She gave encoraging words after reading my blog.
     I opened an old writer's notebook from 2000 and found words to accompany this image, inspired several years later, by a neolithic bird goddess with a long and graceful neck.   I worked on her while in therapy for my neck, while suffering vertigo.  Sadly, she broke before I could finish her, tumbling off the mantle.  But, I had told her story:

     I tread softly, not wanting to overshadow the guide who leads my way--who knows the way of my words.   I work slowly and carefully for I want to stay in her midst and not be left with an empty image with meaningless form.  "Stay,"  I plead. " I will craft your story as we listen to the rain."
     It's hard to come back to school after Fall Break at such a pretty time of the year when hearts soar and leaves spiral through the air, changing colors as they drop.  Yet, it feels good to be with my class as I read aloud on my blanket, to--in turn--inspire words and images.  That's my favorite way to reflect, a blanket on the lawn, with yard noises all around.  Of course it has to be the right time of day, or year, so the air is refreshing, and it helps when the sky is blue.  If sheltered, a rainy day makes for a backdrop, with the sound of raindrops over head.  What Joy!

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